Several weeks ago I announced a wonderful booklet was available (free to take) in the back of the Church called Equipped. It is a book produced by an amazing Christian company called Covenant Eyes that is working with Archbishop Coakley and the Archdiocese of Oklahoma City over the next four years to assist in the fight against internet pornography. As of this writing there are still copies available in the back of the Church. The studies (even secular studies) are beginning to come to the conclusion that pornography use is bad for the individual who is addicted. Even worse the studies are showing it has a major effect on all a porn addict’s relationships. The relationships that suffer greatest are the ones with God and a spouse.

Internet pornography is free and readily available. It is even designed so that children browsing online can find it. The book Equipped in the back of the Church offers a solution. I want to share with you all another wonderful information source form Covenant Eyes. It is an eBook called Hobbies & Habits: Fighting Porn With Purpose. What we’ve discovered is the only way to fight addiction of any sort is to be connected in right and proper relationships with others. Hobbies & Habits is free to download online at this link here:

When you go to that link it will ask for your email address so they can email you the link to the eBook for download. What is also awesome is that they will send you seven emails with other articles and a video in each email on how you can help yourself or a loved one recover from an addiction to pornography. This past week I was privileged to celebrate a wedding Mass for a wonderful parish family. The readings at the wedding Mass spoke of the love of the Holy Trinity and also Christ’s sacrifice for his bride, the Church. I titled the homily Love and Sacrifice.

Addiction to pornography stunts our ability to love others because we can get relief from stress without relying on those loved ones around us. Pornography (or any other addiction) takes the place of relationships with actual people who can help us in our journey through life. Any addict – whether it be pornography, alcohol, or drugs – sacrifices their relationships for their addiction. In the wedding homily I preached that in marriage if you find the sacrifices you have to make draw you away from your spouse and your family then you are making the wrong sacrifices. True Christian sacrifice is patterned after Christ’s sacrifice. His sacrifice on the Cross, the pouring out from the spear wound in his rib of blood and water, is what gave life to the Church. His sacrifice brought the Church into existence. In your marriage and your relationships if you find the sacrifices of life (and addiction) are taking you away from the love of God, spouse, and family you’ve sacrificed the wrong thing. True sacrifice is life-giving in matters of faith and family. -Fr. W.