Several weeks ago a parishioner asked me if the parish portion of the One Church, Many Disciples Archdiocesan Capital Campaign had started coming to St. Mary & St. Margaret Mary. I am happy to announce that this past month I received statements of deposit from the Archdiocese to special savings accounts setup to collect this money. Over the next five years as parishioners continue to fulfill their five year pledges both our parishes will continue to receive our portion of the capital campaign. Last month St. Mary received a deposit of $29,055.13. St. Margaret Mary in Crescent received a deposit of $9,806.00. Our parish’s portion of the campaign funds raised will go to funding an interior plaster restoration and painting of the Church. For St. Margaret Mary we plan to use these funds to do some siding work. I’m also adding to St. Margaret Mary’s work the beautiful stained glass windows. If you go to Mass at St. Margaret Mary you may have noticed some of the windows are bowing out. I am hoping to invite a company that specializes in stained glass to see what is wrong and what we might be able to do to repair the windows. As more deposits from the One Church, Many Disciples campaign is made I will continue to keep you all up to date. Thank you for your financial generosity!

In some other good news the Archdiocese has received sufficient funds from the OCMD campaign to move forward with groundbreaking and construction of the shrine Church for Blessed Stanley Rother in OKC. The groundbreaking ceremony has been scheduled for Sunday, November 3, 2019 at 3:00 pm. The location of the shrine is at the corner of SW 89th & Shields in OKC. All are invited to this and I have it on my calendar to attend as well. It is my hope this future shrine Church will become a place of pilgrimage for generations to come.

I’m not sure where the summer went, but on September 23 it will be fall. Certainly all of our programs with our own St. Mary School, RCIA, Adult Faith Formation, Family Formation, and the Catholic Youth Organization (CYO) are up and running. So much that happens around here is brought to you by the generosity of your fellow parishioners. You’ll remember a few weeks ago we handed out yellow stewardship of talent cards. We are in great need of additional people who generously are able to give of their talent to both parish and school needs. It is still not too late to get in on this!

I hope you are liking the varied bulletin column content. I am sharing this space with our very own St. Mary School, the Knights of Columbus, the Catholic Daughters, our Family Formation and Sacramental Preparation team, and Adult Faith Formation. Their goal is to keep you apprised of the many good things happening here. -Fr. W.