Voting Members
Grant Wallenberg, Chairman (term expires 30 June 2022)
Bill Nash (term expires 30 June 2020)
Robert Secrest (term expires 30 June 2020)
Brian Amy (term expires 30 June 2021)
Linda Miller (term expires 30 June 2021)
Peter Hodges (term expires 30 June 2022)
Dustin Thomas (term expires 2022)

Ex Officio Non-Voting Members
Rev. Fr. James A. Wickersham, Pastor
Rev. Mr. James Fourcade, Deacon
Jacque Cook, Principal
Kim Ellison, Business Manager


The St. Mary Finance Council assists the pastor in preparation of parish and school budgets.  They are a sounding board to provide advice on the financial matters of St. Mary Catholic Church & School.  Voting members are chosen among registered and active members of the parish by the pastor who have business or financial experience.

All registered and active members of St. Mary Catholic Church, Guthrie may attend the Finance Council meetings as guests.  If time permits the floor will be opened for questions or comments at the end of meetings.