Voting Members
Joe Staudt, Chairman (term expires 30 June 2020)
Brian Amy, Vice Chairman (term expires 30 June 2021)
Daniel Avery, Secretary (term expires 30 June 2022)
Carol Prucha (term expires 30 June 2020)
Kevin Sanderson (term expires 30 June 2020)
Shane McCabe (term expires 30 June 2021)
Bob Rogers (term expires 30 June 2021)
Matthew Brown (term expires 30 June 2022)
Oscar Staudt (term expires 30 June 2022)

Ex Officio Non-Voting Members
Rev. Fr. James A. Wickersham, Pastor
Rev. Mr. James Fourcade, Deacon
Jacque Cook, School Principal
Kim Ellison, Business Manager


The Parish Pastoral Council assists the pastor with advice in the direction of the parish’s pastoral affairs which encompass the many groups and programs at St. Mary.  Nominations for Parish Pastoral Council begin in spring of each year.  Nominees must be registered and active Catholics of St. Mary and not live a life contrary to the Gospel and the teachings of the Catholic faith.

Visitors are welcome to attend Parish Pastoral Council meetings.